From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. /* Banner Image */ (Update, July 2020) A single ticket costs €1.90 and can be used for any mode of public transport. Running from Debourg, where interchange is provided with metro Line B, to Hôpitaux Est-Pinel, T6 serves 14 stops and offers an end-to-end journey time of 21 min. and A�roport Saint Exup�ry. And the vehicle's design was not chosen at random either: it resembles Croix-Rousse's former cable car nicknamed Ficelle by the locals. 12/10/2006   C1 Part-Dieu - Cit� Internationale (3,6 km) Lyon City Tram shows you the hill of the canuts from an unusual perspective. Tram: In January 2001, two tram lines began running through Lyon and its eastern suburbs: between Perrache (transfer to Line A) and IUT de Feyssine in the north-east (line T1; 8.2 km), and from Perrache (transfer to Line A) to Porte des Alpes in the southeast (line T2; 10.1 km T5 Grange Blanche - Eurexpo (7,0 km), Rh�nexpress All of Lyon’s trams will carry this livery by 2025. Let’s take a closer look at the consequences and the objectives of the construction work. Voici un spotting réalisé sur le réseau TCL de Lyon et sur les trams. Lyon’s public transport network, ran by TCL, consists of 4 metro lines, 6 tram lines, 2 funicular railways and over a hundred bus routes. Lyon tram line T1. 28/04/1997   D Gorge de Loup - Gare de Vaise (1,6 km) 02/10/2007   A Laurent Bonnevay - La Soie (1,4 km) The original tramway network in Lyon was developed in 1879, and the modern network was built in 2001. A quelle heure arrive la ligne Gare Part Dieu Tram ? 7 km route has been built as an end-on eastern extension of route T1. The most important function of Line T1 is the connection of a large university campus; it acts also as a link between the two main railway stations, Perrache and Part-Dieu. Access the youtube account "Lyon Confluence". 04/09/2000   B Jean Mac� - Stade de Gerland (2,3 km) B Oullins - Charpennes (7,7 km) google_ad_client = "pub-1971558718843035"; 15/12/1992   D Grange Blanche - Gare de V�nissieux (4,7 km) One of the early systems in the modern French tramway revival, Lyon opened its first two lines (T1 and T2) opened in early 2001, the last of the previous tram network having closed in 1956. 08/12/1984   C Croix-Rousse - Cuire (1,5 km) Effortlessly, the tram goes up the hill throw narrow streets and gets great panoramas on the city and over the Gallo-Roman Amphitheatre. Share. 27/11/2006   T3 Part-Dieu Vilette - Meyzieu Z.I. Obstacle courses, rope bridges, as well as special ropes for bungee jumping are stretched among trees. Information point : 73 rue Smith, 69002 Lyon. IUT Feyssine (100 places) - Terminus tram T1 ; Porte des Alpes (390 places) - Tram T2 ; Bel Air / Saint-Priest (120 places) - Terminus tram T2 ; Rules in Lyon Metro. After the Lyon Metropolitan Authority, it is now Sytral which is starting the preparatory and infrastructure work needed for the extension of the T2 tram line to La Confluence: creating a new reversing area for T2 trams, south of Hôtel de Région, along Rue Montrochet, working on a new layout for the Hôtel de Région - Montrochet stop, which will be the final stop on the T2 and T1 tram lines. 06/09/1900   Vieux Lyon - Fourvi�re Track length: 11.5 km. 02/07/1972   Croix-Paquet - Croix-Rousse - closed for reconstruction It is still white with red and grey graphics of the city of Lyon below the windows. M�tro Lyon at UrbanRail.Net. In January 2001, two tram lines began running through Lyon and its eastern suburbs: between Perrache (transfer to Line A) and IUT de Feyssine in the north-east (line T1; 8.2 km), and from Perrache to Porte des Alpes in the southeast (line T2; 10.1 km). seus próprios Pins no Pinterest. Departures: 17 rue Paul Chenavard 69001 Lyon. 02/05/1978   B Charpennes - Part-Dieu (1,3 km) Finally, the Rh�nexpress service uses the route of T3 and an adjacent section to the airport. Lignes. google_ad_height = 90; Driving time: 45 min. The tramway system complements the Lyon metro and forms an integral part to the public transportation system (TCL) in Lyon. Smoking’s not allowed in the metro. 11/12/2013   B   Stade de Gerland - Oullins Gare (1,8 km), Funiculars Published on 17/11/2012   T5 Eurexpo - Les Aliz�s (3,7 km)- further via line T2 to Grange Blanche Tram Station. For everyone interested in urban public transportation, Lyon is surely one of the multifaceted and most interesting travel destinations in France. 22/12/2000   T1 Perrache - IUT Feysinne (8,3 km) 28/02/1901   Vieux Lyon - Saint-Just - closed for conversion to rack railway (reopened may 1901) Lyon is the second largest city in France and the new tram lines have achieved 45,000 riders a day on line T1 and 42,000 riders a day on line T2, more than expected (original estimates were 65,000 riders a day in the first year, for T1 and T2 combined). The current tramway network in Lyon comprises four lines. Lyon prolongement tram T1 2014 4.jpg 4,288 × 3,216; 3.49 MB Lyon tcl tram-1.svg 72 × 72; 2 KB Roadsigns extension T1 line Lyon 2012.JPG 3,456 × 4,608; 3.22 MB 04/11/2013   LEOL Lignes Express de l'Ouest Lyonnais, Bus Rapid Transit on former "Train de Vaugneray" alignment 3e arrondissement, Lyon. La ligne 1 du tramway de Lyon, plus simplement nommée T1, est une ligne de tramway de la métropole de Lyon exploitée par Keolis Lyon qui est mise en service le 2 janvier 2001 entre les stations Perrache et IUT - Feyssine. 12 Citadis 402, delivered as from 2012, Transports en Commun Lyonnais - Jump to navigation Jump to search. 14/09/1981   B Part-Dieu - Jean Mac� (2,3 km) The front of the vehicles was reworked in order to meet the requirements of the French Technical Supervisory Authority (STRMTG). Vieux Lyon - Fourvi�re (0,4 km), Upgraded Trolleybus ("Cristalis") TT Tram-train Saint Paul - Lozanne (2015), 73 Citadis 302, delivered as from 2000/2006/2008 T5 Eurexpo - Chassieu Ren� Cassin (2014, 1,7 km) > car and bus traffic is being diverted (Quai Perrache), For more information on the construction work, please refer to Newsletter n°1 (September 2020) or visit Adresse: 22/09/2012   TT Saint-Paul - L'Arbresle - Sain-Bel 31/10/1900   Saint-Paul - Fourvi�re Category:Stations of Lyon Tram T1. T4 tram est en service jusqu’à 20:28 les vendredi. Line T6 is operated with seven five-section Citadis 302 Alstom trams with a length of 32.4 metres. On the occasion of the inauguration, Lyon’s new tram livery has been launched. The new cab is designed to better protect cyclists and pedestrians in the event of a collision. (14,7 km) At the common stretch with tramline T3 there are some passing loops. 09/08/2010   RE Part-Dieu Vilette - Meyzieu Z.I. � by Christoph Groneck. TCL network disruption: from 8:00pm, Tram T1 will serve stations from IUT Feyssine to Perrache. 29/08/2013   T4 Jet d'eau - Part-Dieu Vilette (1,7 km + 0,5 km shared section with T3) 19/02/2014   T1 Montrochet - Debourg (2,0 km) Saint-Paul - Brignais, , Tramway Saint-Paul - L'Arbresle - Sain-Bel 9 September 2020. Currently, there are five lines labelled T1-T5 and the express tramway "Rh nexpress" to Saint Exup ry airport. A Perrache - La Soie (9,3 km) Replacement buses will run between Perrache and Debourg, from 6 October to 23 November : the T1 tram line will run in two separate parts, from IUT Feyssine to Hôtel de Région- “Patinoire”, and from Hôtel de Région-Montrochet to Debourg. 24/02/2014   C13 Grange Blanche - Montessuy (12,6 km) - Electrification, Tram-Train de L'Ouest lyonnais Tram Station in Lyon, Rhône-Alpes Foursquare uses cookies to provide you with an optimal experience, to personalize ads that you may see, and to help advertisers measure the results of their ad campaigns. A quelle heure la ligne T4 de tram arrête son service? Line T1 extends from Montrochet to IUT Feyssine via Perrache, Part-Dieu Vivier-Merle and Charpennes. Save. As part of the Ouvrons Perrache project, its extension will ease traffic on the T1 line and better serve and connect La Confluence to the rest of the city. Objective: one tram every 2 mn - 2 mn 30 at peak times, starting from the spring 2021! Bikes, scooters, and other portable vehicles are not allowed either in … Access the LinkedIn account "Lyon Confluence". - A�roport Saint Exup�ry (~23 km) - 14,6 km shared section with line T3 Line T1 opened in 2001; T2 opened in … By the start of the new century, Lyon’s size and shape as a community had changed significantly, notably with the Part Dieu redevelopment scheme around the new SNCF station, retail and business area, effectively creating another city centre. Jun 22, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Charlie Hayes. google_ad_slot = "2011105344"; - Les Panettes (0,4 km), M�tro 24 Dualis, delivered as from 2011 for the tram-train de L'Ouest lyonnais Lines T4 and T5 are mainly feeders to the metro. C1 Part-Dieu - Cuire (8,0 km) 10/06/2014   T3 Meyzieu Z.I. Tramway Map of Lyon Metro, Tram & Bus (TCL): stations & lines. 23/11/2020 à 16:34 - Après six semaines de travaux, retour à la normale pour le tram T1 19/11/2020 à 14:32 - SNCF : des travaux sur la ligne Lyon-Grenoble pour moins de perturbations 13/04/1891   Croix-Paquet - Croix-Rousse Thi… The choice of attractions here is more than enough. 31/12/1967   Rue Terme - Croix-Rousse - closed permanently 14/07/1878   Vieux Lyon - Saint-Just 6 Tango, delivered as from 2009 for Rh�nexpress The so-called “silkworm design” in white was introduced when Lyon’s first tram lines T1 and T2 opened in 2001. At the confluence of the rivers Rh�ne and Sa�ne there are more than half a dozen different modes of public transportation: Suburban railways, buses, three rubber-tyred metro-lines of which one is operated fully automatic without any drivers, a rack-railway extended as a conventional adhesion railway and labelled as Metro as well, two funiculars, the biggest trolleybus-network in France � and since 2000 a new tramway system. Werbung. Lines T1 and T2 opened in 2001, line T3 opened at the end of 2006 and Line T4 opened in 2009. C Charpennes (Lyon Tram)‎ (2 F) Collège Bellecombe (Lyon Tram)‎ (1 F) D 20/04/2009   T4 Jet d'eau - H�pital Feyzin (9,5 km) Public transport: bus, metro & tram. 25/12/1937   Saint-Paul - Fourvi�re - closed permanently Lyon. 04/07/1957   Vieux Lyon - Saint-Just - closed for reconstruction 09/08/2010 RE Part-Dieu Vilette - Meyzieu Z.I. Cliquez-ici pour les arrivées en temps réel et horaires completsGare Part Dieu Tram … tram on Rue Servient Lyon tramway The Lyon tramway (French: Tramway de Lyon) comprises six lines, five lines operated by TCL and one by Rhônexpress in the city of Lyon in Rhône-Alpes, France. Subcategories. 27/10/2003   T2 Porte des Alpes - Bel Air (4,8 km) ... [t1] lyon • station palais de justice [t1] lyon photos • station palais de justice [t1] lyon … 07/09/2011   C2 Part-Dieu - Rillieux Semailles (10,5 km) - 2,8 shared section with line C1 02/05/1978   A Perrache - Laurent Bonnevay (7,9 km) 29/04/1958   Vieux Lyon - Saint-Just - reopened as funicular 06/09/2005   T1 Perrache � Montrochet (1,2 km) This category has the following 19 subcategories, out of 19 total. The T2 tram line is the busiest on the network, with 100,000 users travelling on it every day. D Gare de Vaise - Gare de V�nissieux (12,9 km), Funiculars But there are already the next projects: In September 2012, the tram-train de L'Ouest lyonnais started operation in the western parts of the city, it will be extended in the following years. T2 Perrache - Bel Air (14,9 km) Only goes an hour and great say to see some of the city. Rh�nexpress - Moovit comprend toutes les lignes de Métro, Tram ou Bus de Lyon, y compris la ligne T1. 29/10/2007   C3 Saint-Paul - Vaulx La Grappini�re (11,8 km) Fans of outdoor activities in Lyon will have the opportunity to visit the amusement park “France Aventures Lyon”. Offices : 73 rue Smith, 69002 Lyon, Adresse: 22/12/2000   T2 Perrache - Porte des Alpes (9,5 km + 0,6 km shared section with line T1) This is a first-class rope town located in a very beautiful forest park zone. Please click here to visit the Lyon Photo Gallery! Access the facebook account "Lyon Confluence". n a few months’ time, the T2 tram line will be stopping at La Confluence and have its final stop at Hôtel de Région - Montrochet. 03/09/1991   D Gorge de Loup - Grange Blanche (6,6 km) The Lyon tramway (French: Tramway de Lyon) comprises seven lines, six lines operated by TCL and one by Rhônexpress in the city of Lyon in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France. Currently, there are five lines labelled T1-T5 and the express tramway "Rh�nexpress" to Saint Exup�ry airport. T3 Part-Dieu - Meyzieu Les Panettes (15,1 km) The particular design of the touristic tram-train is a tribute to the former funicular that ran on the Croix-Rousse hill from 1862 to 1967. Track gauge: 1435 mm (standard gauge). google_ad_width = 728; It serves only four stations, Part-Dieu, La Soie, Meyzieu Z.I. your own Pins on Pinterest The network of 5 tram lines (T1 … Public transport in Lyon The tram system in Lyon. Access the twitter account "Lyon Confluence".