Have you been illegally in Spain for three years and would you like to regularise your situation in order to get the residency? Our team of lawyers are always up to date with the. Don't worry! We will clearly define all the cases in which you need one and those in which it is not... by balcellsg | Jul 16, 2019 | Immigration | 6 Comments. Madrid is the largest city in Spain by population (3 223 334 residents). 136 likes. From now on, the resolution itself is enough to carry out any legal procedure in... by balcellsg | Nov 18, 2020 | Immigration | 0 Comments. Discover the latest news and updates about the Spanish immigration law that will help you establish yourself in the country for the long-run. Información, novedades y última hora sobre Inmigración. Feature November 1, 2006 Which are the main topics you will learn about in our news section? And that translates into many expats starting the legal process of getting their residence permit in... by balcellsg | Apr 26, 2019 | Immigration | 4 Comments. Is your partner or spouse a European Union citizen? In that sense, moving and starting your new life in Spain poses some really important question. But, seeing how much you enjoy living in the country, you would like to extend the duration of your permit for the... by balcellsg | May 13, 2019 | Immigration | 49 Comments. Well, now you can thanks to the EU blue card. To find out more or to opt-out, please read our Privacy Policy, which has also been updated to reflect the same. But, what exactly is that? Complete guides on how to get each residence permit and visas, renewal process, useful tips that will enable you to navigate any procedure easily, and much more! In this article, we will explain how to get it step by step, which are the different types, documents and requirements, and some useful tips that will make your application easy and... by balcellsg | Oct 14, 2020 | Immigration, Legal | 0 Comments. Share. Let's say that you have been living in Spain for one or two years. Owners of already existing businesses may also apply under certain conditions. If you would like to become a Spanish citizen and get the passport in the country, keep reading. Forging an Immigration Policy. Things have changed. Then there are a couple of things you should really bear in mind if you want to avoid spending extra. But, how to start? Then this guide is for you. After acquiring a visa, the applicant must travel to Spain. We are now a global nation. Passenger lists are your ticket to knowing when your ancestors arrived in the USA, and how they made the journey - from the ship name to ports of arrival and departure. L’ambassadrice du Maroc en Espagne est vent debout contre des allégations portées par des médias et des politiques accusant Rabat de recourir au «chantage» avec Madrid sur la carte de Any type of property can be bought to qualify: apartment, house, commercial premises, land or a combination of few. Therefore, after finishing... by balcellsg | May 23, 2019 | Immigration | 31 Comments. Then you need to renew it. Travel health insurance, documents on sufficient funds and proof of accommodation required. It is important for the applicant to enter Spain within the time period defined by your issued visa (usually 90 days period). That is when you will get a non-resident NIE. Here you will find a complete guide about one of the most requested and easy-to-get visas: the non-lucrative residence visa. Would you like to get a work permit that allows you to work in any European Union country? We will go over the whole process of getting a student visa in the Spanish territory. Immigration to Spain. Maybe you got your student visa, or maybe you obtained a regular residence permit. Regardless to say, al the information you can find here is 100% trustworthy. Phone: +371 67799514 View all Espagne immigration records And in this article we will explain everything you need to know about this residence authorization and how to get it... by balcellsg | Nov 11, 2019 | Immigration | 12 Comments. Do you have a qualified degree at a prestigious university and would like to work in Spain? After the application is approved, the Embassy shall contact the applicant. Between 1846 and 1932 nearly five million Spaniards went to the Americas, mostly to South America in general and to Argentina and Brazil in particular. Barcelona is a little bit smaller (1 620 809 people), but, usually, more popular amongst tourists. Join our email list and be the first one to receive the exclusive legal advice that will make your life simple in Spain! And that is a fundamental and key document, as it is something that the administration carefully analyses before deciding whether or not to grant you a work permit. Most of the law offices dealing with immigration law can provide you with a service package solution as well as preliminary case assessment for the possible immigration case outcome. And how do you... by balcellsg | Oct 23, 2019 | Immigration, Legal | 10 Comments. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audience is coming from. Nevertheless, you may have many doubts about this process: how does it work exactly, where to do it, etc. Are you planning to study in Spain? Immigration clandestine : 14 personnes en partance pour l’Espagne arrêtées à Rufisque Par: Mohamed Rassoul GUEYE - Seneweb.com | 23 septembre, 2020 à 14:09:14 | Lu 4933 Fois | 25 Commentaires Spanish residence permit requires an annual extension. ICLG - Corporate Immigration Laws and Regulations - Spain covers common issues in corporate immigration laws and regulations – including compliance, investment work permits and dependants – in 32 jurisdictions. Many non-European Union citizens are in the same situation. Last update on October 15, 2020. This sudden and mass immigration has caused noticeable social tension between immigrants and the local population. Responsible for immigration services in Spain is the Ministry of Interior (http://www.interior.gob.es). Only Britain, Italy, Austria-Hungary, and Germany had more emigrants. Nowadays, workers from all around the world operate from countries that are completely different than those... by balcellsg | May 27, 2019 | Immigration | 4 Comments. If you are a foreigner thinking about starting to live in the Spanish territory, the school your children will go to is one of the factors you should first take into account when making your decision. E-mail: residency@baltic-legal.com. Business immigration is quite well developed in Spain and Spanish government offers international investors and entrepreneurs several options for comfortable relocation: wealth visa, golden visa, investor visa, skilled worker visa, student visa. For sure, one of the main pillars of your life is money. Find out if you need a visa or permit to work in Spain, and the procedures for applying for your Spanish work permit. However, there is a widely used option by non-European citizens: the civil partnership. But you are about to solve them all. Is the first Google result the right decision? Do you have a relative who is a Spanish national? And the possibility to live and work in Spain (bringing your family with you), without the need to visit the country more than once a year. Because we are going to cover everything you need to know regarding the Spanish work permit. If you're living in Spain for more than 3 months, you must apply for a residency card, called a National ID Card. And you can do it easily! Mbaye publie également sur ses réseaux sociaux des informations sur la formation en Espagne depuis au moins janvier 2020, dont plusieurs photos et vidéos d’un centre MMA à … The Embassy forwards the application package to the central immigration institution in Spain. There are many ways to get residency in Spain. They come to Spain in order to study. But that is true especially for UK expats living in Spain and for British citizens wanting to move to the country. By 2050, the population is projected to be 9.08 million people and by 2099, the population is expected to be down to 7.01 million people. Have you obtained a positive resolution after your residence permit application but you still haven't been able to get your residency card because there are no appointments? In case you have questions or you need a free consultation regarding immigration opportunities to Spain, feel free to contact us: Embassy of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Embassy of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Embassy of the People's Republic of China, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In this article, we will cover all the related information regarding this process. Espagne 2020. According to the legal provisions of the Kingdom of Spain, there are several distinct options for legal immigration to this country, each of which has its own advantages and requirements. With more than 8000 km of beaches, Spain is one of the preferred destinations both for tourists worldwide and for those wishing to start a new life in a new country. The answer is simple, and how to do it quite easy: an invitation letter for a visa. Member countries also recognize Schengen visas issued by other Schengen states. Todas las noticias sobre Inmigración publicadas en EL PAÍS. Plus de 18 000 personnes ont été recueillies en mer depuis le début l’année avant d’être transférées vers l’archipel, raconte El País. A Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of 2.1 represents the Replacement-Level Fertility: the average number of children per woman needed for each generation to exactly replace itself without needing international immigration.A value below 2.1 will cause the native population to decline Do you have a job offer in Spain in a highly qualified position? Perhaps there is no other country in the world so ideal for foreigners. The most numerous ethnic group is Spanish. What is it all about, when should you do... by balcellsg | Jul 29, 2019 | Immigration | 24 Comments. You can now bring your relatives to Spain and get them a residence and work permit. No matter what you do in Spain, you will need an NIE number. We will explore, step by step, how to marry a Spanish citizen as a foreigner,... by balcellsg | Jun 26, 2020 | business, Immigration | 0 Comments. The #COVID19 vaccine has been delivered to all EU countries. View all L Espagne immigration records The internet and more flexible work conditions have enabled to create a generation of digital nomads,... by balcellsg | Jul 22, 2020 | Immigration | 0 Comments. Spain's first attempt at immigration legislation was under the then Socialist Party government. Ici, non. In this article we will solve all your doubts about Spanish citizenship. No matter if you hold a residence permit or Spanish nationality, we have some good news. In this article,... by balcellsg | Sep 25, 2019 | Immigration | 6 Comments. Citizens of non-EU countries wishing to stay in Spain for more than three months must apply for a Residency Permit/Card (Tarjeta de Residencia) within 30 days of arriving in the country. Home Moving to Spain Visas & Immigration Guide to getting a work visa in Spain. And we have helped with any possible situation you can imagine of when it comes to obtaining a residence permit and creating a new life in Spain. What will happen to them? by balcellsg | Apr 2, 2019 | Immigration | 20 Comments. We are going to highly the process to get the EU registry certificate and everything you need to know... by balcellsg | Aug 20, 2019 | Immigration | 12 Comments. by balcellsg | Dec 16, 2020 | Immigration | 0 Comments. Whenever you enter into Spain, being to start your new life or to do any kind of economic/bureaucratic activity, there is something essential you will need. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about how to get Spanish citizenship as a Sephardic Jew, corresponding laws and application procedure.  Not only we will talk about the exact deadline, documents, and requirements. Fertility in Spain. Introducing the Kingdom of Spain, it can be described as one of the warmest European countries, which is made for those, who enjoy a warm climate and a laid back lifestyle.Statistics show the population of Spain to be currently estimated at around 46,7 million. That is why we cover the main relevant issues regarding the Spanish immigration law, so there is no legal issue you have doubts about. 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